Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vanushka's Tombstone

Today we took a taxi to the public cemetery in Centro in search of Vanushka's tombstone.  She was a beautiful gypsy who performed in Xela in the early 1900's with her family's circus caravan.  She fell in love with a wealthy, handsome Guatemalan man, but his family would not approve the marriage.  They sent their son to a college in Europe to prevent his further involvement with her and Vanushka was so brokenhearted she starved herself to death. Legend has it that if lovers come to her grave with a broken heart their love affair will be mended.

The burial sites used to be huge and elaborate, but that was changed as 
space in the cemetery became more scarce.  

This cemetery is completely full of headless angels.  I don't think we saw a single 
angelic statue that wasn't decapitated.

This family was decorating the grave when we were there with lovely, fresh flowers.  
They brought their own chairs to climb up to the tallest vase.

The entire cemetery is hauntingly beautiful, especially with the volcano in the background.

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