Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dragons, Kings and Castles

We were invited by the APs (young missionaries, assistants to the mission president) to go to Jenny and Jose's home for a lesson on the importance of paying tithing.  The APs created a story about a very destructive dragon, a king and ten castles to help the boys understand the concept of giving back ten percent of our increase.  Andy, age 11, liked the idea of drawing a dragon.  Mauricio, age 9 drew the king.  Sammy, age 8 and Emerson, age 7, helped with the castles, along with their friend Brian (in the camo shirt) who was spending the night.

We came with some colored pencils and papers, but the boys eyed the package of colored markers their mom had hung on the wall out of their reach and they made much better pictures once they got the heavy duty equipment in place.  They are the cutest family ever.

I know the people at church think I'm cruel to high-five the boys when I see them and not let them win when we get to the "too low" part.  Ask my grandson Max, and granddaughter Matilda if I just let kids win at games.  I don't believe in that any more than Dennis Prager does.  When they reach the point they can outwit me, they KNOW they have legitimately won and the feeling is exhilarating to them.  One of the boys has beat me and he wears it proudly.

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