Saturday, February 11, 2012

Learning to be Guatemalan

We went to Centro in search of a handpainted Guatemalan mirror for the creepy bathroom and found just the one we wanted.  We were waiting for  another store owner to wrap up some items and I wandered into Rosa's tienda.  She quickly sized up my vulnerability to her charm and explained that she made this cloth herself; it takes her a week to complete it and she sells it for 150 Quetzales, which is about $18.  I couldn't turn her down and agreed to purchase it.  When Mike walked up she whipped out the blue scarf, twisted it in a nanosecond and put it on my head to make me look more Guatemalan. as she posed for a photo.  She sold me another scarf more to my liking that her mother made.

Rosa then determined that I should have the whole outfit, including the folded scarf that Guatemalan women wear on their heads whether they are carrying baskets or not.  
I have officially been voted onto the isthmus.

Afterward, we had a lovely lunch on the patio of Giardino's, our new favorite haunt.  
Their stone fired pizza is the best we've ever had, and such unusual flavor combinations!

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