Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last Birthday in Guate

So...our dear friend Jaime decided to have a birthday/farewell dinner for me (birthday) and Sr. Batschi (leaving mission office) on Monday night.  We love being with his family and were delighted at the invitation.

Wendi's birthday was the next day, so we put LOTS of candles on the cake and shared in the Latin tradition of face-planting into the cake after the candles are blown out.  It could have been worse.  They went easy on me.  Icing smearing follows.

Sr. Batschi was a prime target since she was leaving us to go to Salcaja.

Rosy made us a traditional dinner of jacom.  It was delicious and even better with her very picante salsa verde on the side.  Mike got brave and tried a normal amount, then dubbed it diablo verde, once he caught his breath.

Alison decided to put spoons of diablo verde on her hand and then lick it off.  After about the third round she was sufficiently wounded to give it up.  Guatemalan food is normally very tame.  This salsa verde is usually made as a special treat, but isn't part of the everyday diet for most Guatemalans.

Wednesday we said good-by to Elders Andrade, Ferman, Maradiaga and Tinoco, who are returning to El Salvador and Honduras.  These are always sad days for us.

Hermana Bethancourt is heading back to Panama and Hermanas Alvarez and Lopez are on their way to Nicaragua.  They have all been exceptional missionaries, and are still "official" until they return to their homes and are released by their stake presidents.  

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