Sunday, November 25, 2012


Our office crew from left to right:  Elder Nunez (Honduras), Elder Salgado (Assistant, Honduras), Elder Little (U.S.), Elder Kinghorn (Assistant, U.S.) Elder Guerrero (Honduras).  Hermana Batschi is in back on the left and her new companion (also a nurse) is Hermana Canfield (both from U.S.)

The office staff traditionally get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas at the mission home.  Hermana Bautista provided us with an enormous feast, just like Thanksgiving at home.  It's not easy to fill up a crew like this, especially after a vigorous volleyball game, but at the end of the meal  they were stuffed to the point of pain.

There is more dessert in the kitchen, so Elder Salgado tries out Hermana Bautista's rolling pin, hoping to make room for more.

Elder Kinghorn is hopeful that he can polish off his dessert.  As my mama used to say, his eyes were bigger than his stomach.

At this point I can hear Elder Kinghorn chanting quietly, "Go Kinghorn, go Kinghorn", pushing himself toward the goal.

The pain is finally too much to bear and our hero caves.

The three Hondurans enjoying some casual soccer.

The hermanas are too full to move, but they have to.  P-day is over and their evening teaching appointments start in half an hour.  They load up take-out plates, change into their teaching clothes and trudge off, v e r y slowly.

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