Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birthdays in Guate~A Full Body Experience!

Last weekend we invited the Flores family over for dinner to celebrate Kathia's birthday.  When they arrive little Natalia is all dressed up and wondering about this new, strange house, so we ply her with some toys.

This is one of our favorite families.  Kathia is the mom and is holding Natalia on her lap.  Her husband is Yovanny and Isis, their daughter, is playing games with Hermana Lima.  Hermana Lima and Kathia are both from Honduras.

With a little encouragement from Hermana Lima, Natalia will do a little dance for us.

Kathia's birthday was two days before and today is Hermana Batschi's birthday, so they will share the candle-blowing.

The two things that entertained Natalia throughout the evening were the cake and my giant gym ball.  Before the evening was over, the gym ball was frosted.

Today was the birthday of Jaime's daughter, Dulce.  A favorite Guatemalan treat is marshmallows, so the Hermanas gave her a marshmallow sucker.

Jaime's wife Rosy served us a special Guatemalan dinner called papillon.  Afterward, Jaime had to leave briefly and the women prepared to serve the birthday cake.  The plastic cover had icing on it and Dulce didn't waste any time before she started smearing it on everyone she could catch.

One has to wonder if the bakeries design the cakes specifically for this Latin tradition.  Note the large bunch of flowers in one spot only.

This is Dulce, heading for her grandmother, who hides to protect herself from the icing smear.  Hermana Lima was sitting on the other side of Mama Oliv and she got the icing instead.

This look of intense mischief is reflective of the moment.  Similar to Harry Potter...."I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good."

The traditional candle blowing, followed by the obligatory face plant into the cake.

Dulce immediately wipes it off her face and shares it with her party guests.

Her mother Rosy is the first to receive some.

Don't be fooled by the quiet, respectful demeanor of the Guatemalan people.  They know how to have a good time at a birthday party!!

Dulce's impression on the cake.  This piece is hers and the rest is cut for the party guests.

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