Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Slice of Guatemala

If one photo were typical of Guatemala, this one would be it.  The streets are always lined with sellers of every stripe coaxing passersby to purchase their wares.  This woman is grilling the corn over a handmade grill that has a tire rim for a base.  Nothing is wasted here if it can be put to good purpose.  Children spend the day on their mother's back or at her side, patiently watching with no expectation of being entertained. 

Hermana Batschi shared these photos with me.  This fellow was wearing his aldea's traditional dress and he was kind enough to allow her to photograph him. 

In Centro Hermana Batschi found a group of kids preparing to play the Mesoamerican ball game known as "Game of the Gods".  This game has been played by many cultures for probably 3000 years.  The way the ball hoop is placed on the wall or backdrop is related somehow to astronomical points.  It features rules from basketball, soccer and volleyball.  The ball cannot touch the ground and hands cannot be used to get the small ball through the hoop.  There are other posts and markers on the court for scoring additional points. 

Anciently the game was played to the death and losers were quickly and mercilessly dispatched.  

One of Hermana Batschi's friends makes roscas, typical Guatemalan donuts, for the ferias (fairs) and other local events. The sisters had fun helping her with a batch of them during Guatemala's independence day celebration.

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