Sunday, October 14, 2012

Night Life in Xela

Signs have been posted all over Xela to drum up an audience for the Festival of Trios and the appearance of Los Tres Reyes at the Gran Karmel Hotel.  We were a little intrigued, but didn't act on our interest until the Darringtons, our friends who are temple missionaries, invited us to go with them.

We got there ahead of the Darringtons and poked around a little.  The hotel is very Italian and opulent.  It was fun to see a different side of Quetzaltenango as we watched the successful business people of the city arrive in their evening dress.  

We posed like tourists, but then we already stick out here.  Why not?

The Darringtons are posers too.  They are the ones who are not the cardboard cutouts of Los Tres Reyes.

So...when we got our tickets we were told to be sure to come at 6:15 for the 7:00 show.  We foolishly followed those instructions.  As you can see, the dining room is nearly empty.  The first warm-up act began at 7:40 and dinner was beginning to be served at 8:45.  The last couple (Guatemalan) holding tickets for our table arrived at 9:15 just in time to have their dinner presented to them.  They missed the soup, but they also missed the three hour wait we endured.

After a forty minute award presentation for the Festival of Trios, the show began.  This was one of the warm-up acts.  These 19 year-old young men were very talented and said they had only been performing together for six months.  We left after the first number by Los Tres Reyes, as we were tired and had been there way too long.

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