Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Parting Thoughts

We don't have a template for this kind of move, so we are learning by the seat of our pants.  We weren't prepared for so many visits and gifts, so much kindness and so many household things to sort out and  give away.  The good-byes are hard, but we are so thankful to have friends now from many Latin countries and new friends from the States as well.  Thanks to facebook, we can keep up with the friends we have grown to love.

One thing I wont miss is the stinky office smells.  We have been surprised on Monday mornings with the smell of stale McDonald's, rotten garbage and fuel from the building generator.  The latest smell was partly my fault.  With motherly candor, I was cautioning the elders about the bacterial medium in the kitchen affectionately known as the "office sponge".  It sits in a container filled with a solid soap and it is always soggy, wet and contaminated.  They wash their drinking cups in water that isn't filtered, using this disgusting sponge.  I told them they should microwave it once or twice a week to decontaminate it.  Elder Morrow microwaved it....but for four minutes.  The smell was overpowering to us, and probably not very welcome in the surgical office next door to us.  It took half a day to deodorize the place.

We're heading to Guatemala City in the morning, where we will spend the night.  Thursday at noon we'll fly back to the U.S. for a long awaited reunion with our Minnesota family.  In October we'll head to Utah to see two of our daughters, then on to Idaho where Mike's 93 year-old mom is waiting with open arms to see him again.  Life is good. 

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