Sunday, August 4, 2013

P-Day Baking

Elder Marriott (left) is the general secretary for the mission.  He is in charge of the office overall and his specific job is managing missionary travel.  It's a challenging position, so when he wanted to make one of his favorite recipes from college, we agreed to provide the needed supplies. Elder Marriott made these himself; I was the clean-up guy. These are his favorite red velvet cheesecake brownies.  Elder Lemus (right) is from Honduras and he would prefer to make coconut/pecan bars.  We agreed to make these today, and I'll make Elder Lemus his favorite when he leaves the Mission in two weeks.  

We have just 5 weeks to go and it's a little scary thinking about sorting things out here and preparing to leave the mission.  We've had some challenges the last two weeks, so it looks like we'll be heading home with the same degree of chaos that we experienced when we came into the mission.  It must be a good way to prevent dementia, because my brain is so busy I don't have the luxury of a brain slow down.

One thing is for sure:  There will be lots of baking going on the next month as we use up our stored U.S. baking supplies.  More pig out bars, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, etc.  We have several birthdays this month too, so we will have to make some cakes too.  

We are grateful to have been pushed out of our comfort zone, as we would never have chosen anything this extreme, had we calculated all the ramifications beforehand.  I find myself still in a little disbelief at all we've encountered.  It's good that I have photos to prove it!

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  1. Familiar and favorite food is such a great emotional experience. These guys are so lucky to have you there.