Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Saying Goodbye Again

This is a purely Mormon thing, I'll admit.  We understand what a phenomenal challenge it is for a young person to leave home for 1 1/2 years (young women)  or 2 years (young men) to labor 6.3 days/week to serve as a missionary in the church.  As we see them off at the Alamo bus depot here in Xela, we're touched by how much affection they have for one another and how well they have served.  Hermana Velasquez (left) is heading back to Honduras, Hermana Sanchez (middle) to Argentina and Hermana Batschi to Seattle, Washington.  

Elder Parry (left) served for 19 months of his mission in Quiche-that's a long time in one zone, especially to have served as a branch president for much of that time.  Elder Dautel was with him in Quiche for part of that time.

Our dear friend, Hermana Batschi was the second mission nurse who served in the office with us.  We have a lot of shared experiences, good and not so much.   She has been a cheerful trooper, despite many difficulties along the way.  To say that she is excited to return to her home is quite an understatement.  

Elder Hansen served in the office twice-once as general secretary and again as an assistant to the president.  He will do well in whatever he sets his mind to do.

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