Friday, May 17, 2013

View from Panorama

Sitting high above Xela is the Swiss restaurant Panorama.  It's not a fancy place, but the view is phenomenal.  We got there before sunset and quickly decided that we would eat inside, given the chill in the air (note the blankets piled up by the entrance for those choosing to dine outside).

Photos simply don't do it justice.  The layers upon layers of mountains in Guatemala don't show up well in our humble photos here, any more than they do in those we take from our third story apartment window.  The view is appreciated even more when you arrived at the Panorama with a smoking clutch from the hazardous drive up the sharp switchbacks leading to the mountain top.  

Kevin and Mike snap photos outside while we stay warm inside and then critique their work when they come in to warm up over a bowl of hot chicken caldo.

The time lapse look of this photo makes it my favorite.  The temple is beautifully centered in the background.

Same photo, longer perspective.  By this time we have finished our burgers and Swiss raclette and are ready to head home.  Food is average, not anything to rave about.  Glad I'm not prone to carsickness as we get back into Jaime's taxi to tackle the switchbacks, this time from the top down.  Could be an ugly thing to do on a full stomach.

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