Saturday, April 20, 2013

Early Morning Birthday Party

All week long our dear friend Jaime has been calculating this early morning birthday surprise.  To celebrate in Guatemalan fashion is a HUGE amount of work, but he planned, prepped and pulled it off with real style.  His family was at our door at 7:00 AM to surprise Mike with a lovely, traditional Guatemalan meal.  Jaime makes tamales the way his mother made them and they are really delicious-our favorite Guatemalan food.  The girls gave up their Saturday morning opportunity to sleep in and even made the hot chocolate for the party.  First things first, we have to do the birthday cake and customary face plant.

They sing to Mike in English, followed by Spanish.

The photo doesn't pay justice to the beautiful tamales.  They are wrapped in banana leaves and are as beautiful as they are delicious.  It takes a whole day to go through the tedious process of making them, so it is a huge sacrifice to do this for a friend.  We are humbled by their love and friendship.

Rosy cuts the cake from the outside of the face plant.  I still can't wrap my head around this tradition (pun intended), which just makes Jaime laugh more.

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