Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st Year of Retirement....What I Have Learned

First and foremost, I have learned to live nearly constantly outside my comfort zone.  Although Quetzaltenango is my new "normal", things happen daily that are huge challenges physically, psychologically, or both.

I now treat for fleas prophylactically.  I've also discovered that I am allergic to flea bites.

Survival Spanish

High altitude baking

High altitude breathing:  Most days I'm still air hungry

To walk safely in pedestrian-hostile traffic

To live life without my hair stylist and  trust my husband to cut my hair with the kitchen shears

To give up my personal space and be OK with it.  In fact, to love the physical closeness of hugging and kissing the women I meet and love.  It is a sweet and bonding ritual.


To live within the cultural norms of another country

To sanitize my fruits and vegetables efficiently

Learning to use a Guatemalan broom and cleaning cloth took some time.  I prefer the less complicated two-hole cloth and LOVE Gutatmalan brooms!  I can clean and sanitize my tile kitchen floor in under ten minutes!

To be even more neurotic about spiders.

To love Honduran, Uruguayan and Guatemalan food.

To trust my instincts when I feel an individual should not be trusted. be glad when stores have guards with semi-automatic weapons.

To sometimes live (literally) in the clouds.

To love the Guatemalan people, their brightly colored clothing, warm smiles and generous hearts.

To feel more connected to another part of the world, yet humble and grateful to be an American.

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