Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ingrid's Story


Ingrid is in the Los Arcos Ward in Quetzaltenango where we attend church.  I'm amazed every single time I see her pass by our apartment building in her wheelchair.  This video doesn't show how truly perilous it is for her every time she goes into the streets in this crazy traffic.  They must have filmed it at 5:00 AM for the streets to be so quiet.

Anyway...she is my heroine.  She is beautiful, courageous, and independent.  Even in this dangerous city, she lives alone and supports herself.  Every day she passes by other amputees in the roadway median who are begging for subsistence.

You can see her very compelling story on  Just click on the link on this page and go to:

Our People

I'm a Mormon

She is there being highlighted under the title: "I'm a Mormon, Amputee and Conqueror of Fears.  If you were feeling any self pity today you will quickly get over it.

Turn on the CC at the bottom of the viewing screen to see the English subtitles.

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