Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hermana Franco's 94th Birthday

Guatemalans are very unpretentious people who know how to have a crazy fun time.  This was a combination Mother's Day dinner and birthday party for Hermana Franco.  It was held by the Relief Society, the women's organization in the LDS Church.  We were told to come an hour before Hermana Franco to allow her a grand entrance.  While we waited, the leaders set up some wild games that were played by women in jeans, corte skirts, whatever.  They were super good sports and had lots of fun.  The kids were looking at their mothers in disbelief and looked longingly at the silliness.  

Her faux fir coat was the perfect touch for Hermana Franco's grand entrance.

She offers a tearful thank-you to those who came to celebrate, then blows out the candles on the cake.

This is typical Quetzalteca, or food from Xela.  It was quite delicious and I was glad to take some extra  portions home that we ate the next day.  These potatoes are steamed while wrapped tight in large banana leaves (lining the plates) with some vegetables and a piece of chicken.  One has to be a little cautious of bones, but it's worth the extra care as these are very yummy.  The leaves are so highly prized that it isn't uncommon to see someone wrap it up tight, take it home in a purse or  pocket and reuse it.

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