Saturday, May 12, 2012

Panhandlers in Centro Park

We spent the morning cleaning our apartment, then decided to get some fresh air.  Jaime drove us to Centro del Parque and we wandered through some shops and bartered a bit for a very nice Guatemalan apron.

We almost missed the panhandlers, as there were so many people surrounding them we couldn't see them from our vantage point in the street.  We wiggled our way through the crowd and had a lot of fun watching the locals respond to the buskers.  They performed in several very clever ways when people put money in their containers.

This cowboy was paired up with the lady below and the little girls were having so much fun handing him money.  He would take their hand and not let it go and they would giggle with delight.  He was very cute with the crowd and seemed to know exactly how to appeal to the good nature of Central Americans.

There was a huge outdoor screen set up as well as a formal buffet on the other end of the park.  Maybe they were gearing up for a concert of some kind.  It's still surreal to me to see children running around in the park in a pretty carefree manner compared to how guarded we are with our children in the U.S.

We sat down to rest and this mime started working the crowd.  He was absolutely delightful.  I offered him money, but he politely declined.  He encouraged Mike to take a photo of us, however.

This Buster Keaton wannabe was doing some pretty funny caricatures and really had the crowd going.

Glad we ventured out, as it was lots of fun.

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