Thursday, May 10, 2012

Di'a de la Madre

Mother's Day started early this morning.  At 6:00 AM I heard the first truck with loud speakers driving down 5 calle playing some kind of celebretory music.  I was not ready to wake up quite that early.  As I was putzing around the apartment at 7:00, I heard Mike's cell phone ring; he brought the phone to me and I heard a very cheery voice say, "Happy Mother's Day, Mummy!!"  It was Jaime, our taxi driver and new friend.  Jaime's family is investigating the church and we have had him drive us several places in the last two weeks.  We have thoroughly enjoyed his company and are enormously relieved to have a driver who not only speaks good English, but knows the safe places in the city as well as those to avoid.  It was super thoughtful of him to take the time to call.

This card is one that was given to me by two of the mission's zone leaders-Elder Anderson and Elder Arriaza.  They went out of their way to bring it by the office, which really tickled me.

After their lunch the APs, Elders Becerra and Andrade, each brought me a rose.  The office elders, Hansen and Maldonado (along with Elder Dennison, whose parents are coming to pick him up tomorrow)  stopped by the local Xelapan bakery and brought me a piece of cheesecake.  They all are so thoughtful.

Sister Bautista stopped by with this bouquet picked fresh from her beautiful garden at the mission home.  Whenever I go over, there is always a vase full of beautiful flowers typical to Guatemala.

Later in the afternoon Sister Batschi and her new companion, Sister Morgan, came in with a card and candy bar.  Almost the entire mission changed yesterday, so today was extra busy trying to get everything organized.  It was an especially nice day to receive so many caring gestures.  Even our very thoughtful doorman, Jose,  saw me on the sidewalk and told me happy Mother's Day in almost perfect English, just to be sure I understood him.  That was huge!  

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