Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Office Antics

Elder Castro is one of the most engaging and delightful young men I've ever met.  I first saw him in the skits the missionaries put on at the Christmas conference.  He made me laugh till I cried.  Later in the year he became a zone leader and would stop by the office to pick up mail and supplies.  When he learned that Mike was robbed at gunpoint a few weeks ago after drawing money out of the bank, he became Mike's one-man consolation team.  Every time he comes into the office he wraps himself around Mike and gives him at least one GIANT bear hug just like this.

One day when I was helping a few zone leaders, Elder Castro saw that a hair of mine had fallen onto my shoulder.  He dramatically picked it up, hugged it and carefully put it into his shirt pocket.  Not to be outdone, I went to my desk and got my scissors.  I cut a chunk of his hair off in the back, taped it to a sticky note and had him sign it.  This is what he wrote:

Elder Castro has the kind of personality that just melts people who meet him, so his success 
rate as a missionary is over the top.

This is the humor and art work of Sr. Batschi, the new enfermera from Washington.  She cracks me up too.  She is Sr. Otto's new companion and every time I walk by their office I see some new jokes or drawings.  I love people who don't take themselves too seriously.                

This is more of her artwork.  When I got the donut for my office chair that the physical therapist said would be necessary for my newly repaired back, this little gizmo was the donut hole.  I thought they could make something clever out of it and they did.

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