Sunday, March 11, 2012

Xela's Got Talent!

Sr. Otto (left) and Sr. Benton (right) were asked by the Los Arcos bishop to put together a ward activity. After much contemplation, they planned a talent night.  They were hesitant to tell me what their talent was going to be, so I asked if by chance it would be one of the dumb Boy Scout skits I have seen over the years of scouting and church activities.  They said no, it would be more like a dumb Young Women's skit.  They talked a sister in the ward (behind Sr. Otto) and Lisette (Luis & Armando's mom) to participate with them in a four-woman eating contest.  It was pretty hilarious.

These kids were super funny.  Their mom was stage left behind the curtain showing them their moves.  I should have taken my camera backstage to capture the entire act.

This little guy started off the show very bravely with
 a very sweet traditional song.  
He's one of my favorites.

The talent night that was scheduled at 6 PM 
finally got started at 7:30.  
We were foolish enough to show up at 6:00.

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  1. LOL - remember never show up on time ever again, unless you have nothing else to do :-)