Saturday, January 7, 2012

Casa Tour

This is the hallway on the 3rd floor when we get off the elevator.  Our apartment is the entrance to the left of the three large pots.  There is another lovely view of the city from the window at the far end.

Our entry...we share this entrance with the management office which is on the right side of this small entrance.

 When you walk in our front door, the kitchen and laundry room are on the left.

Our living room is a very bright, inviting place to read and watch what is going on in the city below.

 A close-up view of the living room.  All the furniture was ordered through the church, except the coffee table and rug.  The young missionaries in our office helped us pick up the small coffee table.  Sometimes having translators is a huge blessing.

 Room with a view.

Now you get the full picture.  The sofa and chairs are behind you.  The entrance is on the left and the study/dining area is on the right.  Our bedroom is on the immediate right and the study area is what you are seeing on the right side of the photo.

This room has two desks like the one you're seeing.  This is my desk and Mike's is on the opposite wall, which is adjacent to the master bedroom.  There is a second, smaller bedroom behind the wall where my desk is, and the formerly creepy bathroom that isn't so creepy now that I've cleaned every inch of it. There is a nice guest bathroom to the left of the study.

This is quite a lovely kitchen.  We have new appliances and lots of room.  Several of the glass cabinets are lighted, so it is a very pleasant room.  Note the dryer duct going out the kitchen window.  It vents from the laundry room, which is through the doorway in the back, to an enclosed area to which there is no access.  We bag the vent so we can dispose of the lint without making a mess.  We're forever moving the vent in and out, according to the laundry schedule.  It's quirky, but it works.

View of the kitchen with your back to the laundry room.  The agua pura is on the counter on the left-literally a life-saver.

Our master bedroom is cheerful too with all the light pouring in.  When we leave the shades up the room is VERY warm.  It's lovely during the winter, but we'll see what it feels like during the warmer weather!

This shows the mountain on the left, but you can just barely catch the shadow of the volcano behind the evergreen in the center of the photo.  At 5:00 PM this view is absolutely spectacular with the clouds floating halfway up the volcano.

We're about fifteen minutes from the new Quetzaltenango Temple, which sits on a hill above the city.  We drove up there twice last week and Mike caught this photo of the beautifully landscaped grounds.

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  1. I think it's beautiful, It's so nice to picture where you are (my imagination made it much worse!) Glad you are getting settled. Love you guys.