Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good...and Not So Good Things About Guatemala

Good Things:

No television (our choice...they do have them here!)
Excellent soda crackers-probably made with lard
Don Carlos restaurant, calle 6a, zona 3
View of the mountains & volcano from our living room (photo soon)
Garbage pick-up every morning outside our front door!
Very friendly doorman; gated entry
Good household shopping at Cemaco
Ace Hardware, McDonald's (even McFlurries), Walmart and Wendy's
Lovely, warm people
Amazing Quetzaltenango LDS temple
No need for Amazon...I bought a gorgeous handmade rug from a street vendor for $22

Not So Good Things:

Hot water in kitchen and laundry is good; showers-not so much
1800 sq. feet of white ceramic tile that is hard to clean
Music store beneath us blasts Feliz Navidad twelve hours/day
Sidewalks have 1' high curbs, sloped driveways and broken concrete-dangerous walking!
Spanish keyboard makes office work a real challenge
Many familiar grocery items are unavailable
Brand new washing machine sounds like a potato thrasher
Highway from Guatemala City slides off the cliff in places
Buses emit huge amounts of diesel pollution-ick!
Garmin works well w/Guatemala maps, but streets don't have street signs posted
Vegetables & fruits need to have a bleach bath before eating-how unappealing is that!


  1. Love this post! No need for Amazon huh? ;) I can imagine how cool the rug is and all the hand made stuff down there. This is so fun reading! Steve or Jen were telling me how funny the Garmin is, not saying the actual street names or something, but works well, haha! These posts really make me feel like I am there experiencing it with you, I can't wait to catch up and read more! Love you guys!

  2. This is way to funny to no read - I just imagine your face looking at those cliffs :-) scary - good thing I warned about the music and fireworks!!