Sunday, November 27, 2011

Way Too Many Good-Byes

Last Sunday we said good-bye to our longtime friends at church, followed by a week of individual farewells and a birthday party for Jen.  We found ourselves swamped with things to do to pare down the last of our worldly goods to four 50# suitcases.  Matilda and Jen came over on Friday morning and made breakfast for us before we headed to the airport.  Matilda was watching our carry-on luggage while we maneuvered the HUGE bags over to the Delta skycap.  He was such a nice man; he made our day!  A smile at the right time given to an overwrought passenger is worth its weight in gold.

Steve and Esther came out with the kids who were contagiously sad.  It was a tough day for everyone.

After we settled in at Stephanie's home in Salt Lake, Allie and Scott came by with little Nora (pictured below) and Aiden.  Mike's Mom had driven to Salt Lake with his sister Marge and they came by to have some pizza, along with his younger brother Rick and family.  It was great to have time to visit with everyone.

Tomorrow morning we catch a shuttle from the SLC airport to the Mission Training Center in Provo.  The adventure begins!!  Oh...and some good news:  Two of our shipped boxes have actually arrived in at the mission home in Guatemala.  Life is good!

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